Team Profile

We are a small team of talented professionals with a wide range of skills and experience. We love what we do, and we do it with passion. We look forward to working with you.

Brett Galambos, B.Sc


Brett grew up on a mixed farm near Laird, SK. He completed his degree in 2011 and worked at local independent ag retail during the summers while attending university, where he developed his passion for agronomy. Brett also worked as a licensed seed crop inspector (LSCI) during the summer while going to university. Once he completed his degree, he began working full-time as a Business Agronomist for the same local retail and continued his work as an LSCI. In 2016, Brett was involved in the creation of the agronomy department of Westgreen, which has led to his current position as a business manager, agronomy consultant and LSCI. Brett is passionate about seeing his clients succeed, showing them new opportunities and facilitating the growth of their farm business.

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Andrew Reddekopp, BSA, AAg, CAFA


Andrew lives near Hepburn, SK with his family. He grew up on a grain farm and has been involved in crop production from a young age. Andrew received his Bachelor of Science in Agriculture in 2017, majoring in Agronomy and minoring in Agribusiness. He worked for a local independent ag retail during the summers while attending university and was involved in the agronomy expansion of Westgreen in the spring of 2016. He now works as a manager, agronomist and LSCI for Westgreen. Andrew is passionate about the farms he works with and enjoys seeing the success of his growers. What he appreciates most is working with good people, namely the Westgreen team, as well as the group of farmers that have Westgreen involved in their farming operation.

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Brian Cross, BA, MA


Brian grew up on a grain farm near Naicam, Sask., about 200 kilometres east of Saskatoon. He operated the family farm along with his brother for several years, then studied at the University of Saskatchewan (BA Economics) and the University of Western Ontario (MA Communications). Brian started Westgreen’s crop inspection division in 2013 and manages the company’s pedigreed seed crop inspection business, where he acts as lead inspector and manager of the quality management system. Brian also serves as editor of the Saskatchewan Seed Guide and works as an agricultural reporter at the Western Producer newspaper in Saskatoon, covering issues related to grain handling, logistics and transportation.

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Chloé Wood-Sparrow, BSA, AAg, CCA

Lead Agronomist

Chloé grew up on a grain farm near Zenon Park, SK. She completed her Diploma in Crop Technology from Lakeland College in 2014 and continued her education to complete her Degree in Agribusiness from the University of Saskatchewan in 2017. Throughout university, Chloé gained experience in agronomy by working for independent ag retailers. Chloé has been working as an agronomist and LSCI for Westgreen since May 2017. 


Jackson Wiebe, BSA, AAg

Jackson grew up on a farm near Borden, SK where he currently farms with his family. He completed his Bachelor of Science in Agronomy from the University of Saskatchewan in 2018 and started working for Westgreen Agronomy upon completion of his degree, in May of 2018. Jackson is currently living in Hepburn with his wife Erin, their son Adrian. He is currently working towards his Professional Agrologist designation. 


Jenny Horner, BSA, AAg.

Jenny grew up on a family grain and cattle operation north of Hafford, SK, where she currently farms with her Dad and brother. She completed her Bachelor of Science in Agronomy with an Agribusiness minor from the University of Saskatchewan in 2019. Over her years as a summer student, Jenny worked at a couple of different Ag retailers and, before joining the Westgreen team, worked at FCC. Jenny is passionate about agriculture and is working towards completing her Professional Agrologist designation.


Alissa Fehr, BSA, AAg

Alissa grew up on a mixed farm of grain and livestock near Hague, SK. She started off as a summer student at Westgreen in 2019 and is now full-time with them, graduating with a degree in Agronomy and minor in Animal Science. Alissa really enjoys working with the talented group of people that make up the Westgreen team and appreciates that she is always able to learn something new from them. 


Scott Bell, BSA, AAg

Scott grew up in Saskatoon, SK. He completed his Bachelor of Science in Agronomy from the University of Saskatchewan in 2021 and started working with Westgreen in January of 2023. Prior to working with Westgreen, Scott worked in a canola breeding program. Scott is currently living in Saskatoon with his fiancée Callie and their two dogs. He is actively working towards his Professional Agrologist designation.