Field Scouting

Westgreen agronomists work closely with growers; we are on each farm twice a week and maintain frequent communication with our growers. Agronomists are available by phone 24/7 during the growing season for consultation and advice. In the winter months, agronomists play a large role in planning for the upcoming growing season. Westgreen agronomists are heavily involved in the following tasks:

Early Season

  • Flea beetle and cutworm monitoring
  • Monitoring weed pressure
  • Crop emergence
  • Drill performance evaluation


  • Crop tissue testing for nutrition & disease identification
  • Herbicide timing
    • Product recommendations and rates
    • Water rates
    • Nozzle selection
  • Sprayer workload and efficiency
  • Post-herbicide efficacy
  • Fungicide timing
    • Product recommendations and rates
    • Water rates
  • Disease monitoring
  • Physical clubroot scouting
  • Late season insect monitoring

Late Season

  • Swath timing
  • Desiccation timing
  • Pre-harvest burndown timing
  • Post-harvest weed monitoring
  • Post-harvest burn-down timing
  • Soil sampling
  • Fertility
  • Clubroot
  • Aphanomyces¬†

Out of Season

  • Chemical recommendations and rates
  • Seeding rate recommendations
  • Seed variety selection
  • Fertility recommendations
  • Drill configuration
  • Fertilizer purchasing plan
  • Herbicide resistance plans
  • Pesticide selection
  • Grower cashback analysis