Agronomy Services

Soil Sampling

Composite: 12-20 cores taken randomly from all over the field, mixed together and sent to the lab for analysis.

Benchmark: One spot is chosen in the field that is a good representation of the production area. 12-15 core are taken from that area, mixed together and sent to the lab for analysis.

The soil sampling truck is equipped with a GPS system that accurately tracks where samples are taken in each field. This results in better sampling consistency from year to year on a given field.

Tissue Sampling & Plant Monitoring Program

Tissue tests can be taken to accurately determine nutrient deficiencies in the plant. The plant monitoring program allows for nutrient levels to be monitored throughout the growing season.

By taking tissue samples regularly throughout the growing season deficiencies may be found before visual symptoms are present and yield loss has already occurred.

Disease Testing

(Soil or Plant Tissue)

A Westgreen agronomist will collect soil or plant material from plants that have a suspected disease present (clubroot, aphanomyces, verticillium, etc) and deliver them to the appropriate lab for analysis.

Herbicide Residue Testing

A Westgreen agronomist will collect soil from fields in order to determine the amount of herbicide residue present in the soil. Samples are sent to the lab for analysis.

Clubroot Scouting

In season, a Westgreen agronomist will look for visual symptoms of clubroot around field approaches and other high-risk areas of the field. A soil test can also be done to detect for the presence of clubroot spores in the soil, for an additional cost.

Herbicide Resistance Testing

A Westgreen agronomist will collect weed seeds from plants that have suspected herbicide resistance and send them to the appropriate lab for analysis.

Comprehensive Fertility Planning

A fertility recommendation will be provided using soil samples that are collected from your farm. Field specific rates will be determined according to soil samples, fertility and manure history. You will also be provided with drill configurations according to the products used, seeding rates, fertilizer rates and seed safety considerations. The total amount of fertilizer to be purchased will be calculated for you, specific to the products and retail you buy from.

On-call Scouting

Scouting for farms that are not Westgreen clients (inquire for hourly rate).

Westgreen Crop Inspections

Looking for a quote for inspection or agronomy services? A Westgreen representative will be in touch with in 24 hours.